(Bound as a Human Display Mannequin)

As the airliner crossed from flying over water to the English countryside, Lori
watched with growing excitement. She had been anticipating this vacation for a
long time; she was finally going to visit the country she had dreamed of for over
three years. The lush green country beneath her looked like a fairyland in the
early spring sunshine. It was one of those unusual sunny days and Lori knew that
there would be more rainy ones than sunny. She had come prepared though. She had
packed all of her rainy day clothes, including her few rubber items. She loved
wearing the rubber skirt she had bought just before coming on the trip and also
her long rubber raincoat, but her most treasured item was a rubber corset bought
through a mail order house. It had been made in England, and fit her perfectly,
squeezing her normal 24" waist down to a waspy 19". She loved the figure it gave
her. Lori was a latex and bondage enthusiast, and had been for as long as she
could remember. One of the main purposes of her trip was to add to her
collection of bondage and rubber goods. She had heard from a few of her friends
about the numerous rubber and latex boutiques in the London area, and was
prepared to spend money and time in them. (She had no idea how much time.)

After the plane had landed and Lori had gone through customs, she gathered her
baggage and moved off to find a taxi. She had researched her trip thoroughly and
had made hotel reservations near where several latex clothing stores were
located. Even though she was tired from the long trip, she was hoping to visit
one of the shops she had heard of right away. After arriving at the hotel, Lori
unpacked and took a shower. She decided that she would wear her corset under her
lacy lingerie and spring dress. It always gave her a thrill as the laces pulled
tightly closed and the pressure increased, pulling her waist into the familiar
hourglass shape. Unlike a normal corset made of satin or leather, the rubber
continuously exerted force on her body, pushing it inward, and this was intensely
exciting to Lori. She finished dressing, putting on her black heels, brushing her
hair and checking on her makeup. Then off she went to see what delights the
boutique held. Not knowing that this would only be the beginning of her most
unusual vacation ever.

London's streets were still busy at the early evening hour, and Lori watched the
activity with interest. Under her dress and lingerie, she felt the tight
compression of the corset, and she smiled as her small waist drew admiring
glances. The boutique was only three blocks from the hotel. The storefront was
small, but distinctively set off by fresh paint and an attractive window
displaying some of the items sold there. Lori looked in the window, glancing at
the latex on display. She studied a mannequin in the window dressed primarily in
black latex. The outfit on the mannequin consisted of stockings, an attractive
mini-dress, long gloves and a neck corset. It was obvious from the curvy waist
that there was also a very tight corset involved. Lori wondered what was hidden
underneath. The mannequin's feet were shod in amazing ballet toed high heels
which must have been at least 8" high. "My, this would certainly make me the
center of attention at the party", said Lori to herself, as she went into the
store. Once inside, Lori was totally amazed by the selection and quality. There
was nothing like it back home. There was latex of almost every color and clothes
which ranged from simple to daringly sexy. The store also had an impressive shoe
department with everything from high heeled pumps to thigh-high boots; the heel
heights were from 5 to 9 inches. There was also an unbelievable array of rubber
bondage gear. "I'd better be careful not to go broke in here", she thought. She
was examining a long latex single glove with laces and straps when a saleswoman
came up beside her and said "may I help you with anything?" in a wonderful
British accent. "Oooh yes, you can!" said Lori excitedly. "I have never seen such
wonderful latex and rubber before, and I am hoping I don't bankrupt myself before
I go home". "Well, well my dear we will try to help you avoid that and also see
that you get what you desire," said the sales lady. "I am Karen and I own this
store. We do make some of the best quality latex clothing and bondage items in
the world, and we are proud of it. I noticed you admiring the mannequin outside".
"Yes," Lori said, "I have fantasized about owning such lovely things, but all I
own is a skirt, raincoat, and of course the corset I am wearing". Karen looked at
Lori's waist and smiled, "your waist is small, but you look like another two
inches less would suit you better; how long will you be here in England?". "Only
two weeks" sighed Lori. "Well then, let's first measure you up for a new corset
to suit your figure". Lori could hardly believe that she had just arrived and
already was going to be fitted for a new corset. She was in heaven! "Oh yes, I
would love that, and then I also would like to purchase some of your latex
lingerie as well" she said.

Karen took Lori to the back of the store where there were fitting rooms and what
looked like an area where the clothing was actually made or mended, she couldn't
tell exactly. She was asked to remove her clothes and another person would come
to measure her. She did as she was asked, and presently a muscular looking woman
came bustling into the fitting room with a tape measure in hand. "Hello dear, I
am Sharon; we will just have you looking like a Victorian princess when you are
pulled into this new corset" she exclaimed. Sharon took many measurements,
including some which Lori wondered were really necessary, but did not complain
about. After 20 minutes, Sharon pronounced she was done and that the new corset
would be ready in one week. Lori was pleased to hear this, and could hardly
contain her excitement. She then dressed again and went back out into the store.

"I would like to buy a pair of those latex panties in blue, some black latex
stockings, a matching garter belt, and I would like to see if I can wear that
dress the mannequin is modeling" said Lori to Karen. "Surely. I think you are the
same size as the mannequin, so the dress should fit; you may try it on". In a few
minutes it was obvious that Lori was exactly the same size as the mannequin
because the dress fit beautifully, and her curves were enhanced by the shiny
black material. "Lori, you could model these clothes!" said Karen, "you are the
perfect size". Karen looked at Lori and smiled; "Would you take a two week job?"
she asked. "Why, uh yes; YES!" said Lori. The deal was sealed and Lori left the
store with her purchases with an agreement to return the next day at 9:00 AM "for

After Lori had left, Karen and Sharon smiled with anticipation. It was not every
day that they had someone that fit so well visit their store, and it had been a
long time since the last "model". They were excitedly looking forward to this two
week session with Lori and she had no idea what she was in for.

The next day, promptly at 9:00 AM, Lori walked into the shop. She was clad in her
new latex outfit and looked very sexy. Actually, Lori had a hard time containing
her excitement in the rubber clothes; she had almost had an orgasm while walking
from her hotel. Now, she stood in the store entrance, and tried to cool off. Then
she noticed the mannequin had been removed. She commented about this to Karen,
but this was nonchalantly waved off. "Come on up to my flat Lori and we will
discuss your modeling duties". Lori and Karen entered the flat, and there Lori
saw Sharon and also met two other women, whom Karen introduced as designers;
"this is Victoria and Diane, and you will be showing some of their best designs,"
said Karen. Lori accepted what appeared to be coffee and began sipping it. It
wasn't more than 2 minutes later that she lay prone on the floor.

When Lori awoke, she was in darkness and she could feel that something had been
stuck over her eyes. She tried to move to remove whatever it was but she then
discovered her hands and arms had been bound behind her! Her legs were tied at
her ankles and knees also. There was also an inflated ball filling her mouth so
that she could hardly make a noise, which however, she tried to do anyway. At her
attempts to make a noise, she heard voices nearby: "Well, it looks like our new
mannequin is back with us now." It sounded like Karen's voice. The sound of
several people moving nearer came to Lori and she became more active, trying to
get out of her bondage, but to no avail. "Now Lori, you agreed to be our bondage
model for two weeks, and that's what will happen so there is no need to struggle.
I just neglected to mention that your brief modeling career will be spent INSIDE
our store window mannequin, and both you and the mannequin will be dressed in our
finest creations", said Karen.

Each of her fingers was taped together, thumb to thumb and so on until the little fingers were tightly taped together. A rubber strap was wrapped around her wrists pulling them tightly together. Then a rubber arm binder was pulled up her arms, reaching to her shoulders...

(Bound as a Human Display Mannequin)

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