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"You're as good as you look. Mr. Ziegfeld, they used to criticize him for having his women in silk underwear and silk stockings, but he knew the key. And I believe in that: I dress inside out, it makes me feel good, and if I feel good up there, you can't touch me."

Mary Stallings





Mistress of

Then Harry saw a shining, high-heeled black shoe emerging from the inside of the carriage. She was dressed from head to foot in black satin, and many magnificent opals gleamed at her thrroat and on her thick fingeras.

A dozen boys and girls had emerged from the carriage and were now standing benfind Madame Maxime. They were shivering, which was unsurprising, given that their robes seemed to be made of fine silk, and none of them were wearing cloaks. A few of them had wrapped scarves and shawls around their heads.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K.Rowling

Beauxbatons Motto: "Beauty is everything!"

This culture seems to have lost all the original Goddess,
nature-orientated, animistic, shamanic things
- that all came together in the form of witches -
and we burned them!
Fakir Musafar